Allison Bencar-
By Jim Asker

“Where I’m going no one knows and fewer souls dare to go..I’m just headed where the wind blows”-Allison Bencar

The Allison Bencar story begins in Cleveland, Ohio. That makes total sense, considering that many of the great Rock historians believe that Rock n’ Roll was also conceived there.

Chatting with Allison you might think that she was plopped into the wrong era. Some of her musical heroes and inspirations include Roy Orbison, Fleetwood Mac, Patsy Cline, The Beatles, Selena, and many more; from Johnny Cash to Garbage to Karen Carpenter. Karen Carpenter was a big one for Allison—“Yes Karen Carpenter was actually huge for me. She made me feel good about having a low voice. As a little girl I felt like she sang with her whole heart.”
Allison Bencar sings with her whole heart and then some. In using all of those influences, she makes her music her own. She’s not stuck in the past, but she sure has a good sense of it; she’s a modern girl with a big soul.
Allison’s first album is, “First Call.” The styles range from stripped down Country to sultry ballads to blistering Rock, and everything in between. It’s a rare artist that can handle so many variations and not sound clichéd. Bencar doesn’t only handle it; those styles all come to her naturally. Unlike a lot of things we see and hear today. She is authentic.
Allison grew up with a family that encouraged her and rooted for her right from the beginning. “I was 10 when I began singing,” said Allison. My mom and dad were always supportive, and my Aunt Nancy was an enormous advocate too. She was really the first to encourage me as a child singer.’’
By the time Allison was a teen, everyone was noticing that the girl was destined to follow a musical path. “I’d go down in the basement and sing stuff like “Crazy,” by Patsy Cline. My parents loved it. That encouragement made me want to go further. My mom was the one who introduced me to Patsy Cline and Roy Orbison, and she also got me into the school choir. Later it was my dad who encouraged me to step into a recording studio for the first time. My parents were, and remain still, incredible advocates.”

After performing at family functions and weddings, Allison found her way into a recording studio when she was 15. She took her share of voice lessons and after graduating from high school, Allison entered college at Cleveland State. She kept at her songwriting and singing while in college, honing her skills. Allison graduated with a degree in voice and theatre.
Following her path, by 2012 Allison made the move to Nashville. She wasn’t looking for an appearance on one of the ‘hit maker,’ shows like The Voice or Idol; she simply wanted to make music. “I definitely want to play my music for as many people as possible,” said Bencar. “However, having control over my career and my music is important to me. I’ve always had to fight for what I want, so to be honest I don’t really think about my career in a competitive sense with other artists. I just forge my own path”
That path led to Nashville’s Eastwood Studio in late 2013 to begin work on her album “First Call.” Allison likes to collaborate, so she enlisted her friend and fellow Cleveland native, Rob Muzick to co-produce with her. “Rob and I do a lot of co-writing, and it’s a great creative partnership.”
All of the eleven tracks on “First Call,” were either written or co-written by Allison. The entire eleven tracks stand on their own, each its own story.

Now in 2018, Allison is gearing up to release her sophomore album, On the Run this spring with her engineer/co-producer husband, Jared Delaney. This is an 11 track concept album about self-discovery, grit and adventure. It also features many of Allison and Jared’s talented Nashville friends. “This has truly been a labor of love and such a wonderful experience making this album with some of my closest friends here. We made every session a chance to share a meal and hang out, ” says Allison.

“I love the social aspect of music. The relationships I have made with my band mates just makes for a greater chemisty and family vibe on stage.”

On the Run is vibey Outlaw Pop with a retro soul.  You will hear some of Allison’s influences like Fleetwood Mac, Kacey Musgraves and The Eagles to name a few.

Allison Bencar serves her talent with a strong and dedicated work ethic; in between her own shows in and around Nashville, she cuts demos and constantly writes.
So where is this young woman Allison Bencar headed—she sees the entire journey as a long and open road. “There should never be a destination,” says Allison.
“Music is what I am meant to do but not just for me and my own joy. I have a responsibility to use my gift for the good of others; to make them smile, to make them laugh, to let them know they are not alone and sometimes to just be a light in their darkest moments. To me music is the greatest art form because it is a language we all understand. No matter what happens, music lives forever. My songs are about being in the moment– living right now so that we never forget how right now feels.”
For more information on Allison Bencar visit www.allisonbencar.com.